Commitment for Privacy How you protect

It is very important for us to protect you privacy. This notice is available in our homepage and you will also find it in every point when your personal identification information will be asked.

Use of Cookies

These cookies are enabled by Google Ad services and some third-party advertisers. You can choose if you want to enable or disable these cookies or not through your browser settings. If you don’t want to share your information or identity you can block it.

Protecting Your Data Security

We always practice appropriate electronic, physical and management procedures to secure the information we collect through online from our customers. We ensure your data security from any unauthorized access and do provide our best to maintain accuracy of data use.

Protecting Children's Privacy

Children under 18 of age are not allowed and entertained by our website. We also do not collect or use any information from under 18 children or provide any service for them to protect their privacy.

We Collect Some of Personal Information

Once you visit our website, your IP address is automatically logged into our system with access date and time. We only use this information to track our user movement, analyses trends, to measure aggregate use per demographic area. Collecting the IP address information does not track your personal identity information.



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