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How To Contact Google My Business Phone Number For Customer Service

Google My Business (GMB) is the latest sensation in the digital world. It is been quite a time since Google has introduced this feature, yet there are quite a few misunderstandings and complications among naive digital marketing professionals. So, here is a simple guide to help you understand how to contact Google My Business Phone Number for Customer Service.

What Is Google My Business?
Google has introduced this free tool for all the businesses to handle their business listings in Google. When a person uses Google for searching something relevant, these business listings pop up in the search results and Maps. It has become an important aspect in drawing maximum traffic to the businesses. GMB uses the data and information you provide while listing your business with the Google. This information is provided to the consumers looking out for similar products and services. Studying verified information fromGoogle, a customer is more likely to develop trust and respect for the business. This is why businesses listed on GMB drives more traffic than the ones that simply rely on traditional SEO. Along with this, GMB helps the customer to understand more about your business such as address, operational hours, website link, contact details, pictures, etc.

What Can You Do with The Help Of GMB?

  • Respond to the reviews and develop two-way communication with your customers.
  • Update or edit your business profile at any time according to market trends.
  • Upload and share pictures of your business.
  • Make offers or share information about the business.
  • Understand how customers interact with the business information from the data.
  • Use just a single dashboard for any number of locations

How to Contact Google My Business Support/Service Phone Number?

Making a Google My Business Listing is a simple process. But once you are listed on GMB, there might be an occasion when you would need to contact Google My Business Support Phone Number team for help. So here are the presently available ways to contact the support team.

1. Contact Number/Email ID
It is a tricky process to find the contact number or customer care email ID for the GMB. These are the steps you need to follow from your dashboard to access the information.

  • Login to the GMB account
  • Choose ‘Support’ link from the bottom left on your Google My Business dashboard
  • Click on ‘Need More Help?’
  • Select ‘Access and Ownership’ and then ‘Other Problem’
  • Now you will be redirected to a form showing email address and phone support

If you are opting for the GMB phone support, then you shall have two options –

A. Call Google My Business Phone Number
You can call Google My Business support on 1-844-491-9665 to reach their customer service team. Give a call on this number, and you will be connected to one of the Google My Business Customer Service executives within some time. You can give them a call on weekdays between 9 am to 6 pm EST.

B. Get Google My Business Support to Call You Back
If you are not able to connect with the support team while calling them, then ask them to call you back on your number. For placing a request to call you back, follow the steps –

  • Log in your GMB account
  • Go to the ‘Help’ on the dashboard
  • Click on ‘Need More Help’ option available on the top right corner of the dashboard
  • Select the topic, you need help on
  • Note a brief description detailing your issue or question
  • Choose ‘Request a phone call’
  • Enter the required information for a call back about yourself and your business
  • Select ‘Call Me’

Once you are done placing a request, wait for the call from their side. Mostly, they call you right away on working days. You might receive a call from a number that may look like a spam call, so do not ignore calls once you have placed the request. Note: Remember that Google will never ask you for a fee or any information of password, verification code or any other sensitive information about the account. So beware and stay away from frauds.

2. Social Media Platform (Twitter)
Social media has become an important tool in this digital world. And this stays true with the Google My Business Support team too. You can simply visit Google My Business Twitter handle and tweet or message your issue @GoogleMyBiz. In addition, GMB constantly updates their twitter account with all information related to various things related to setting up and managing the account. So you can also follow their Twitter page to get all the updated information.
The support team works on all the weekdays, i.e. Monday-Friday from 8 am to 5 pm EST. Therefore, you can contact the support team between these working hours for an early reply. However, they stick to the TAT of 24-48 hours for a proper solution to the problem.

3. Google My Business Forum
Like every other forum, GMB forum is also peer-supported and handled by a group of contributors who raise issues to Google. You can post your problem on the forum if you want to gain feedback before approaching Google.

Resolve Google Business Listing Problem With Google My Business Customer Service Phone Number?

The Google My Business Support Team can help you with all kind of problems. Here are some examples for your help –
Postcard did not arrive
You requested for a Postcard, but it never arrived. Here support team can help you with sending a verification postcard on the email address you have provided for the business profile. If in case, you have made an error while providing information, then this issue might take place.
Unable to access the account
You can contact the GMB support team if you are unable to access your account. It might be because of some error while signing in like incorrect email ID or password. There are many other reasons too such as you have forgotten the email ID, or it is no more accessible.
Duplicate listing
You can contact Google My Business support team in case if you find any duplicate listings. There might occur many instances where you may find duplicate listings and report that to the support team.

What Kind Of Problems you can Resolve on Google My Business Phone Support?

  • How to verify business on Google?
  • How to add/correct Business address?
  • Manage listing in Bulks
  • How to update business info on Google?
  • Unable to change the picture of the Business page
  • Increase Business Reputation in Local Search
  • How to add/claim a business on Google?
  • Postcard not received? Can't access account or listing have duplicates
  • Merge the business page
  • Unable to change the  address
  • How to delete inappropriate reviews
  • Request reinstatement for suspended listing
  • What is Google My Business Phone Support?

How to list your Business on Google?

  • Step1. Login to Google My Business Account If you want to list your business on Google you just need to have Gmail account. Open website https://www.google.com/business/ click on start now button enter your Gmail id and password you will redirect to Google my business page.

  • Step2. Enter your Business name and Click on Next

  • Step3. Enter your Country/Region your Street address,City name, Zip code very carefully because this address might use to verify you are the right owner of your Business.

  • Step4. Accept all the terms and condition Click on next find exact place where you are located you can zoom map to get correct idea.

  • Step5.Choose your delivery type like you is working for out of the region or within a region

  • Step6. Now enter what kind of business you run choose the right category of your business and click on next.

  • Step6. Make connection if you want to share your number and information you can add phone number and website here (it is optional).

  • Step7. Now verify your Business Enter your contact Name and Click on Mail.

You will get post card within 5 maximum working days enter the code and verify your business easily. If you want to verify your business later you can choose later option to verify your Business.

Google My Business Support/Service Phone Number in Popular Areas

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