Recover LinkedIn Restricted or Suspended account by Linkedin customer service?

Before we are going to recover your hacked or Suspended Linkedin account you need to know about why your Linkedin account got compromised.

Its very easy to get carried away with the massive number of qualified leads one can make over LinkedIn. Realising the huge business potential many Marketeers / Lead Generation companies tend to use their LinkedIn accounts in certain manner which can get their accounts blocked / Restricted on temporary or permanent basis.

  •       Creating a profile by Entity Name: Many users create profile with the name of a company / institute etc. Its better to create Company Page / Entity page for such purpose and ask users to follow you
  •       Having a stock of Pending Requests: if you have sent out too many connection requests and they are still pending then you should remove them. This will not lead your account being blocked
  •       Sending messages with repetitive content:  Sending too many messages to your first degree connections on Linkedin can make your messages look like spam
  •       Creating Multiple Profiles from Single Machine: Linkedin allows users to create not more than 2 to 3 profiles from one single laptop. However, this doesn't mean that you cannot access multiple accounts from one single system.
  •        Number of Connection Requests in a day: Sending too many connection requests in a single day can also put you on the radar of Linkedin . Try to keep the number of daily connection requests between 100 to 150 and same goes with the messages.

Recover LinkedIn Restricted or Suspended account:

  1. Step1. Enter your First name
  2. Step2. Enter your Last name
  3. Step3. Enter your email address which is associated with your account
  4. Step4. URL to the hacked LinkedIn profile

Note: The URL can be found by typing 'LinkedIn' + (First and Last Name) into your preferred search engine.

For example, for Fred Jones , you'd search for 'LinkedIn Fred Jones'.

If you're able to login, you can also search for the member within the LinkedIn search box.


Step4. Please provide any additional details that will help Linkiedin to investigate. For example - Are you locked out of your account? Are you noticing changes to your profile or connections list that you did not make? Give each and every detail to Linkedin that helps to prove this is done by mistake and you are not going to repeat it further.

How to contact LinkedIn customer service directly?

No worries if your issue is not resolved yet as our certified technicians provide instant solution for any of the underlying issues or errors in the account. All the users who are facing issues with the Linkedin account can simply dial the 24/7 Linkedin Customer Service Number and tell the technicians about the issue or the query. The technicians will then quickly provide troubleshooting steps to the users by remote technical assistance, or onsite technical assistance, or online chat and mail support depending upon location and availability of technicians.




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